Hello World...

Are you aware that there are these things called DVDs that have full-length movies on them and are available at the library?

They are simply awesome, even if they take up more time then cute cats on youtube.

Also, they make me sad, because they remind me of a time when I could toss (aka carefully place) those shiny metallic discs into their bulky player and watch them all the way through. Like, every day.

This was before college and homework and exams and studying and working and limiting my attention span to about -.00000001 whatever attention spans are measured in. My free time (weekends!) is spent sleeping or pumping out the words to my WIP of awesome (in my humble opinion. It is awesome to write). I haven't watched enough movies since technology progressed. I have attempted to watch Movies on Netflix but I usually end up only watching a short episode of Dr. Who.

But here is a post to assure you all... summer break is coming. Blogposts are coming. Next semester I will be smart and NOT take too many credits. Yes. Smartness. I should fail all of my current courses on principle just for being silly enough to take them all. :p

(silly face)