OHMYGOSH It's a corn.

Now with Giveaway!

The very best experience of 2011 so far, and yes that means by January 2nd, is definitely the Farmers Popcorn Cob. I made this thing last night. While I was slightly disappointed that it ended up tasting just like any other popcorn - though really, what else could I expect - it was really the making of it that made it worth every penny it cost.

As you can see from this smattering of photos, the corn cob comes in a little pack equipped with a wonderful popping bag just like the ones you get microwave popcorn in normally. You put the cob into the bag, fold it closed, then microwave for a whopping 2 minutes until all the popping noises quiet down and you can jump up and down in childlike glee hardly able to contain your anticipation of seeing the corn cob minus its corn.

2 minutes is all...

And there it is... a corn cob minus corn!

All the delicious popped corn got itself smothered in butter and salt, and was enjoyed immensely by my mother while I ate pizza. Hey, its the experience of it.

So on Twitter I promised a random giveaway and here it is. I will give you corn! All you have to do is comment on this post - tell me how you feel about this corn cob thing. Is it brilliant or shady? Is it a miracle snack or the work of the evil ones? Rate it from 5-10 (because, lets face it, if you rated it less than 5 it wouldn't be right to force you to make it) and in a week I'll choose one of you to pop corn right off the cob.