Happy New Year!

Happy 2011 readers! I hope this year is the best one in your lives (so far)!

I love January 1st for opening so many doors. So many possibilities! It is almost like Mondays, just on a much grander scale. On Monday you can walk into school or work or into your living room to sit in front of your open word document, and you can say "This week I'll do better than last week." It is the same on January 1st. You can say "This year I'll do better than last year."

The only problem is that on this colossal scale, we can be completely overwhelmed. I can think of a million things that would make 2011 better than 2010, and completing or gaining those million things is next to impossible.

So instead, I'm trying to review 2010 and think of what, realistically, would take 2011 a step further.

In 2010 I was submitting a novel. A novel. And in 2010 I got an agent - the awesome Natalie Fischer. In 2010 I first went on sub. In 2010 I moved to a new college and gained an indepence I was beginning to think would never come. I joined a sorority and made some life-long friendships. Here it seems that 2010 is hard to top.

But in 2010 I also got sick. It totally ruined that first semester at the new college... my gpa may never recover. I'm still healing up today. If I think of 2010, it is hard to think of the good stuff beyond the haze of infections and constant napping.

So for 2011, I'm hoping for more healthy time, *cough* a sold book *cough,* and some great words to be typed into my open Word documents. I also want a pet baby red panda, but lets be serious.

I don't know the actual statistics and chances of my getting what I'm wishing for (except maybe the baby red panda, that one has a 0% chance), but that is the best part of January 1st. Today, we can imagine that there are 100% chances for everything!

I don't know what you guys are resolving to do or hoping for from 2011, but may this new year be great enough to top 2010!


Ps. It has come to my attention that not everyone knows what red pandas are. This is horrible. Let me educate you on their cuteness: