Post remains untitled. Excuse: no set topic

Happy Christmas/New Year season to all my readers here at Creare. I hope 2011 brings us all amazing words (if we are all writers), agents, publishers, book releases (also if we are all writers), and happiness and joy and successfully reached or kept resolutions.

I had several ideas for this post. One was the whole "what I got for Christmas" post much like the one I wrote last year. And I can still do that, but Two seemed more exciting - that my work in progress IGY may just have gained a new working title. And then there is Three - that I suddenly want to dive into making mock covers for my work. And of course Four - typical writerly resolutions. But lets save Four for January 1st. That is close enough.

That leaves One, Two, Three, and since I haven't blogged much in 2010, it seems like a good idea to blog about all three today.

One: One is probably the longest topic, and that is good for me since that means I got so much for Christmas! You all read about Mini-me, hopefully, and learned that my first gift of the season was an awesome stuffed bookworm. But if all of that is news to you, then by all means head down and read more about Mini-me. I'll wait. When you get back, you'll be reading about my other gifts, like my awesome pink sweather that I haven't worn for hours but still leaves me shedding bright pink fluffies when I move suddenly. So fuzzy! A scarf to match came in another box, all pink and purple and oh so fluffy. Boots and earrings came too, and lovely buildings to add to my Christmas village. My older brother got me a Coach bag in NYC, and my younger brother took the practical route (not that Coach isn't practical) and he and his girlfriend got me a ton of stuff I need for my new apartment for this coming semester. Stuffed animals and penguins to show my love of Theta Phi Alpha's wonderful mascot (TPA being the sorority I'm a part of) were in my stocking, along with so. much. candy. Too much candy! Don't hate me but I threw a whole plate of cookies out yesterday. It had to be done.

You know that horrible feeling you get a couple days after the Holidays when you realize they are over and it is time to move on? I am feeling that for this post. Lets move on to number Two.

Two: My work in progress IGY can no longer be called IGY. A friend at Green Proofing and I were throwing ideas around and somehow "You're Mine" came up - her genius not mine. From this point forward IGY shall be YM for "You're Mine," which seems just as possessive and indicative of the stalkeriness of the plotline.

and finally....

Book covers. I've been having so much trouble finding a model to fit my character Mari Abdo. Really. It is difficult. I almost went for a shot from the back. Or maybe no model altogether, but my creativity is limited and somehow I can't come up with anything other than a model. Any ideas are certainly appreciated.
It surprises me how I hadn't jumped into cover-making until recently. Everyone else I know is into it on at least a general level. Possibly in the past it was my lack of creativity that would pop up and my brain would scream "No! Save it for the words!" This would then indicate that all of a sudden I have more creativity (even if not enough to come up with anything but models). I wonder if it is the holiday season and the excess amounts of sugar. I could certainly eat nothing but candy for the rest of my life in pursuit of my craft. It is the perfect excuse. We will have to see.

I have been wondering particularly if my dear friends who make covers use a particular program to do so. If a little bird would like to drop me this information, that would be appreciated almost as much as any ideas.