Oh Look - A Post

There comes a time when a person realizes they forgot to blog... again. That person must then sign into blogger and make a fool of herself trying to come up with things to say - because she really has nothing to say.

Take me for example. What do I have to say? My book, The Virginity Thief, is on sub again after a little editing break based on some feedback. Yay! My new WIP is working smoothly... I found an old synopsis that is much cooler than my current one so I am very excited for that.
There you go. One little paragraph.

Now I should do something intelligent and challenge you to view your characters as people, give them playlists, or not forget the importance of betas. But that has all been said so I won't do that.
In fact, I think I'll just leave now. My second paragraph here was kind of awesome in itself. That can keep you guys satisfied until I remember to blog again *makes note to blog again soon.*