Meet Mini-Me

Today I got the most amazing Christmas present from my amazing Scottish friend Fiona McCormick, aka AbsentNormality. Some notes on this amazing friend follow:

  1. Being Scottish makes her more amazing.

2. Notice that her last name is McCormick now. Yes I know she used to be Fiona Campbell. But she had a fairytale wedding and a handsome prince swept her away to his castle. She is Fiona McCormick now.

Congratulations Fi and Jeff!

Unlike me, who is rather horrible at remembering to send gifts, Fi remembered Christmas! Today I received a package from Scotland and ripped into the box to find my new best friend!

Bookworm. Because I'm a bookworm. As I informed Fi, I shall love him and hug him and call him Mini-Me.

Call me lame but even though I like to consider myself an author I didn't know bookworms actually existed. I thought they were cute cartoon characters shaped like worms who happened to live in the books on the TV. But no. There are really tiny microscopic living things called bookworms who feed off of paper and book bindings!

Mini-Me, if I become published and I find you eating my book, bad things will happen. Consider yourself warned. But otherwise I love you. XOXO.