Random Musings of the Editing and Creative Nature... or "Stuff"

Edits edits edits. We writers spend more time editing then writing that first draft, even if it seems to us that that first step is what takes the longest amount of time. We open that WIP and read it 5, 10, 15... times over and over, looking for things that can be changed and stressing over each word we've already written, added, deleted, or changed the spelling of.
But we can't edit forever. Eventually you get out of editing mode and you need to start something new... to punch out a new first draft and get you creativity on, rather than your inner perfectionista. And when you reach that stage, continuing to edit can be a hindrance rather than a good way to improve the novel you are attempting to edit.

I know this from personal experience. My agent, Natalie, could back me up on this. She was the one who advised against my changing Mari Abdo's character background drastically. She was the one who cautioned that adding more depth does not mean changing the details of the surface.
If she hadn't have told me these things, I would have done the changes. I would have made Mari an entirely different person, and that would have been very wrong.

What was wrong with me? I work for months with a firm idea of who Mari is and then in a single day decide to change everything? That creative spark had shown up, and my mind was trying to come up with new characters and new plots for my new WIP... while I was determined to be stuck on VT.

I think it might be a sign that I'm finally happy with where VT is at. That I'm ready to move on now because my baby is all grown up. If there are more edits to do, I'm willing to do them, but perhaps there are just no more to do, and that is what my writerly conscience is trying to tell me. Time to get a move on on IGY, Race!