Friday Five

Ah, the life of a college student. Who would have thought it would make blogging ten times more difficult? I should have… after all, I had trouble being a lazy blogger during summer vacation so how could I have expected to be on top of things during a way hectic semester.

But that is hopefully behind me now. I’m trying to get into an awesome routine that, yes, does include blogging. To start us off, though, I thought I’d take this Friday to post a Friday Five… Friday’s Five things Race was doing when she wasn’t blogging.

1. Race joined a sorority.

Call me crazy, because I never thought I’d join a sorority ever and yet within a few weeks found myself desperately hoping for a bid. I thank my suite-mate Amanda for this. She was part of the awesome sorority and got me and another suite-mate Chelsea in on it. I met those girls and fell in love. Thank you Theta Phi Alpha for being amazing.

2. Race did more edits on VT.

A writer’s work is never done, and in this case thank goodness. VT is so much more amazing now.

3. Race totally flunked her first exam.

Give me some credit, though, because while I’m a junior I was completely self-taught and it was the first exam I had ever sat ever in my entire life… ever. The nerves!

4. Race got an odd roommate.

She was taking tae kwon do last I knew, so she’s scary. Also she is never around, which is good. But the important part of this? I’m actually sleeping in a room with someone else. This is sooo weird and I’m proud of myself.

5. Race got her very first traffic violation ticket.

Where I grew up, there was one traffic signal in the entire county. That’s right, a whole county, only one red light. Here, there is a traffic signal every few yards. Marry that to weird road set-ups and let them give birth to my having no idea where I am - and you have a recipe for disaster.

As you can see, I got into some trouble the past month or so. But so far college has been an amazing experience and let me inform you that sororities are nothing like in the movies. Well, the bad parts in the movies aren’t real. All that stuff is just fiction (scary fiction). The good parts like awesome friends who care about you and your education? So real.