I was wondering. Did we celebrate Creare's 200th post? I don't remember. If we didn't, we should have. And if we did, then we should congratulate ourselves and celebrate again. Because I was thinking - the opportunity to celebrate is special enough to be celebrated. Think about it. Christmas comes around and you say to yourself "oh, Holiday, celebration!" and then you celebrate and have such an awesome time that you should celebrate having such an awesome time and being so happy. If you think about it long enough, you'll realize that once you start celebrating you should not stop, it is just an awesome loop of celebration.

And yes, this is a random party post. Why? Because it is FRIDAY. I have one more class and maybe some office hours before the weekend begins. It is going to be a busy one but an actual blog post is on the list, so you guys can have hope. And when it appears, we will celebrate. And keep on celebrating.

You know, this loop of celebration awesomeness is such an awesome law of the universe. I need to name it. I shall adopt it as mine and call it... The Race Factor!

... or something. If you have a better name tell me in the comments!