Puppy Extravaganza!

3 weeks ago, or there abouts, I woke up to find one of our dogs in a curious state. She was digging like a crazy mole-hunter breed (Jack Russel Terriers come to mind) and nesting. She also decided to pant as if she'd run a marathon and she refused to greet us as she usually did. She seemed to think it was sufficient to raise her head just a bit and look at us as if to say "I love you. I really do. I just can't be bothered to stand up right now."

This dog, Bella (no, we didn't name her after you know who), always stands up to give us her doggy love whenever we are come near her. So, as you can guess, we were confused and anxious about her behavior. We were even more confused and completely surprised when, several hours later, she gave birth to 6 beautiful puppies.

We were surprised, and confused, because until that moment we hadn't known she was pregnant.

The spontaneous birthing was both wonderful and sad. 4 of the beautiful puppies have made it. 2 did not. Those 4 that did are now 3 weeks old, and looking like the majestic Newfoundlands they are.

Today I present to you all a puppy extravaganza to introduce these beautiful pups to the world. :)

IMG_0290-Copy.jpg picture by RaceMer
4 little puppies, all held in a row. A moment after this picture was taken, papa puppy jumped over the puppy gate to ensure his offspring were not being hurt. Good papa.


She is cute.
Pet her.


Newfs probably have the greatest profiles in puppy history. This fellow's nose isn't too clear unfortunately, but his ears are just. too. cute.

Fuzzy noses.

4 sides to the dish; perfect fit.