Guess what, guys! I’m on sub!

Oh my gosh I’m on sub. That was the first thing I thought when Agent-O'-Awesome Natalie Fischer told me VT was done with the fabulous editorial-agent stage of editing. I was so excited and tense that I could actually feel my stomach tighten. Then I jumped up, went to the kitchen where my mom was cleaning up after me, and said “guess what.”


“Natalie just got back to me on VT!”

Mom, putting one of my many water glasses into the dishwasher: “And?”

“Oh My Gosh I’m On Sub!”

My mother got excited for me but I left the kitchen quickly so I didn’t have to finish cleaning. The next step was to go excitedly tell my friends, and then announce it on twitter. Yay! Edits are done! I’m on sub! I can take a little break and focus on IGY!

But once all that was over? I sat back and realized… I’m on sub. The time for waiting and agonizing and freaking out had arrived. I had heard horror stories about being on sub... the feeling of helplessness and the depression that slowly eats your brain. I. Do. Not. Want. To. Lose. My. Brain.

That little break and focusing on IGY? Yeah, right.

On Sub Phase 1 Resting...  with eyes wide open