Friday Five

Well, we've reached that day of the week again. Yay for Fridays! Also, I'm happy to announce Random day will be making an appearance again September 4th! Yay Random Day!


WriteOnCon Videos

WriteOnCon is over now, and I can't tell you how amazing it was to participate. Natalie Fischer, my agent-o'-awesome and the CEO Unicorn Princess, had a fabulous live chat you can access through WriteOnCon's youtube channel (and, I believe, direct from their site if it is still up) along with the other amazing videos from some great authors and industry professionals. Check it out today!


A seriously awesome thing. I couldn’t edit or study without these. Also, I love them to death because they make grading stuff so much easier. For my summer job at my mom’s office I got to grade tests on various subjects. It was very fun to run my highlighter over the correct answer and discover that whoever had taken the test had gotten that question wrong. Does that make me mean?


Some of you know I’m a Doctor Who fanatic. I didn’t even shorten that to “fan” I’m that fanatical. I would spend hours chatting with a perfect stranger on the merits of each doctor, puzzling over River Song, or debating who was the best companion. But one thing I didn’t spend hours on? Choosing the posters that will go in my dorm room. Doctor Who posters all the way!


I has one. Yes, I was offered a job on campus at my new college, working at a cafĂ© doing Heaven alone knows what. I’m a sub right now, meaning I don’t get many hours but hours I do get and money comes from hours so I take what I can and I spend it. What more does one need from a job? Also, this means that oh my gosh campus living is approaching! Only 3 more days!

Also, more sub pictures:

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Happy Friday the 13th