Teaser Tuesday

Posting this a little (waaaay) late. My apologies to the Teaser Tuesday readers! I have further apologies, really, since I haven't actually been commenting lately on other Teaser Tuesday posts. This will change in the future as it is not fair and is quite mean and there is never (never!) any time when sleep comes before TT!

For now, I hope you enjoy this snip from IGY. :)


I got off her bed and wandered over to her closet, riffling through her clothes. She came up behind me. “Don’t mess me up, Erin. I can’t remember what’s clean and what’s not.” She was staring down at two outfits in her hands, eyeing them with a perplexed expression. All thoughts of borrowing something for the date night forgotten, I went to her desk and plopped myself down in her chair. I watched her hang both outfits up with a shrug of her shoulders.

“I have to talk to you about something, Addie.”

“Mmm.” She was chewing on her nails. It was a disgusting habit.

“I think I have a stalker.” A particularly gorgeous stalker, with dirty blond hair and eyes that could cool fire. I opened Solitaire on her computer and looked for aces. I could feel her eyes on my head. She was so still, every fiber concentrated on me.

Finally, she couldn’t stand my silence anymore. “Keep talking,” she urged. She tossed some clothes back on the piles and flopped on her bed. “Why do you think you are being stalked?”

She sounded like she believed me, but I couldn’t be sure. If the roles had been reversed and she’d told me she was being stalked, I’m not so sure I’d have been so trusting. “It started about a week ago. And I know a week isn’t that long a time. But every day I’ve seen him, watching me. It is seriously creeping me out.”

I couldn’t meet her eyes. I was terrified I wouldn’t look scared enough to her, maybe. I didn’t want her to think I was making a joke. I needed her to believe me. I concentrated on the card game, slapping a black five on a red six with a sharp click of the mouse.