Teaser Tuesday ~ I Get You

And, I re-emerge within the Teaser Tuesday community with a very badly written piece. It is what I like to call a "false start," in which my character's voices are all off and I have no idea where their story should begin. But if there is any entertainment within these words, I hope you all find it. :D
Summer vacation came in with a bang, almost literally. Two hours before we were going to be let out for the year, someone found a bomb threat on the first floor boy’s bathroom mirror. We didn’t have to sit through speeches as expected – the “you are smarter than when you first got here” ones given by the people who weren’t deemed special enough to speak at graduation - but instead were instructed to file out in an orderly fashion and stand far from the building in the football field while the buses were rounded up. We got to go home early, and no one really expected us to come back to school the next day for the speeches. We’d been saved by the bomb.

In the end, I heard there was no actual bomb. Just some hooligans, the same ones that tossed lit sparklers into the girls’ bathrooms right before the evacuation.
Addie, my best friend since we nearly got mixed up at the hospital at birth, decided that the sparklers were pathetic. Seriously, why not firecrackers? Why not something with a little shock factor? Addie was like that. She loved fast cars and rock music and always ate her steak rare. She was a hard one to mess with, and sparklers didn’t scare her. Firecrackers probably wouldn’t have either, but she’d obviously have appreciated them more.