Friday Five

So welcome to my very first Friday Five ever. As it stands, I feels I have less than five things to mention. At least, less than five things to mention that are interesting to you readers. But since it is my first time doing Friday Five, perhaps you guys can give me a bit of a break and ignore the uninteresting four fifths.

  • The Virginity Thief has entered final editing stages. Yes, edits with my fabulous agent Natalie Fischer may actually be coming to an end! Of course, it is up to me just how long it takes me to finish this "final" editorial stage with her. Hopefully my editing skills are sharp and it shouldn't take too long.
  • Reading in a restaurant is nearly as fun as writing in one. I'm not sure if you guys remember my post on writing in a busy place where you can watch people for inspiration and listen to the hum and buzz of noises all around you that lull you into perfect writing mode. So I'll summarize it. The above setting is awesome for writing. Today, I discovered it is also great for reading. As a plus, you can sometimes get a sundae too.
  • I'm in the process of dying over my new college. I love it dearly but there is so much paperwork! And only 7 weeks left before I'm moving in! Wowsers, this takes so long. I need to make calls on Monday. Somebody remind me. Right after work.
  • And, finally, another writerly update. IGY (not to be pronounced iggy under any circumstances) finally has a synopsis. Not a good one, by any means, but it has one nonetheless. This means I can finally start writing it. Finally! This writer is excited.

So, run along to Karla's and get involved in her contest, and I'll bid you goodbye. Ta ta!