Friday - Five Awesome Things

And, an author-themed Friday-Five Awesome Things about books I recently read or recently came to my attention for some reason. :)

  • Kristin Harmel
Did you read my review of Krstin's "After"? If you did you'd know why I love this author's writings so much and have dubbed her awesome.

  • Eileen Cook
Creareans should be looking forward to a review of Eileen's "Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood." If you've read it, you understand the awesomeness, because she has this incredible way with characters and voice.
Awesome fact: I read "Getting Revenge on Lauren Wood" and had a total "why couldn't I have written that?" moment. It inspired me to get back to writing VT and try to create something incredible.

  • John Grisham
I think everybody in the world has heard of this man. Well, every reader at least. But you might ask yourself "Why are you, Race the YA reader/writer/blogger, giving him the awesome award?" I present you with my answer:

Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer

Yep, he's written a YA book. Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer, bringing the best of Grisham to the YAsphere. Check it out! (Def. reviewing this one).

  • Ally Carter
... for the book "Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy." And why the awesomeness? Because the local "maybe my book will be there someday" spot had it, right next to Dessen and Meyer and other authors whose books are talked about far more often in my writerly circles. (Those authors don't receive the awesome award. Ally does for this book!)

  • Suzanne Collins
For Catching Fire. Not Hunger Games (yet). You might ask about the mysteriousness of this, but I shant tell you what I've read and what I haven't and what I'm doing and why and who and how, just let me drop this crown of awesome on Suzanne's head and deal with it.