Friday - Five Awesome Things

Exciting news in Creare's second edition of Friday - Five Awesome Things.

  • Creare has an epicly awesome week coming for you all, if I do say so myself. It starts off on Monday with a guest blog by none other than author Cyn Balog! Come back to read it on Monday or all the books you own will mysteriously be missing their final pages (and yes, I'm threatening you). It is a fabulous post on characters so it is definitely something you don't want to miss. Following that, we have Teaser Tuesday, a puppy extravaganza, and a special Author-themed "Friday - Five Awesome Things."

  • I was interviewed! Not only are interviews awesome but, in this case, the interviewer is as well. Fiona of FICWrites asked me some fab questions about planning a novel, and I dished on my extreme outlining practices. FIC, you are awesome.
  • And here I am, directing you to yet another blog this time around. This time to Jacket Whys, to an awesome post on Life and Death in YA Lit (kinda). Go there to see some trends in the Young Adult genre.
  • Batteries. This may seem silly to you, but for the past days I have been on a quest for AA batteries. I needed them, oh so desperately, because I had somehow managed to lose the ones in my camera (*cough* Mom tossed them in the bin *cough*). Trust me on this, if your camera does not have batteries, you will be in a state of high stress until you get some. Particularly when you have a puppy extravaganza planned and there is no other way of recording your lil' newf pups' awesomeness.
  • Wait a minute. I said that I was having a Cyn Balog guest post, right? Right. I remember that. But what I don't remember is giving Cyn her own title of Awesome. I present it to her now. Thank you for being awesome, Oh Awesome Cyn Balog, and visiting Creare!
Take a moment to follow the links, guys. To my understanding the interview will be up soon. Thanks for reading!