Friday - Five Awesome Things

In my Crearean twist on Friday Five, I bring you... Friday - Five Awesome Things. Wherein "things" shall reversely mean "nouns" and not only include things but people and places.

First, a bonus awesome noun thing. Do you see the above blackboard with a list of numbers on it? That is awesome. Not only are there numbers on it, but they are listed vertically from top to bottom and leave ample space on the right for me to write the awesome things on - if it was, you know, a real blackboard and not a picture. I hereby dub this the icon of the Friday - Five Awesome Things posts.

And now, without further ado, Friday - Five Awesome Things.

  • Gingersnaps
Like... whoa. Where have these things been all my life? It is an easy question to answer in this case. They have been stuck in the void -- the dark void in which all om nom noms are infused with villi hating glutens. Gingersnaps have been held captive in the void, beyond my reach. No recipes were worth trying. The few that reached the store shelves looked un-gingersnappy. And then, today, I did it. I tried a package. I am now a prisoner of a void myself. A void in which all of me is infused with gingersnaps and milk. I'm a happy prisoner. It is a good void.

  • Twitter
Anybody seen this tweet? If Twitter didn't exist you couldn't have seen that tweet. In fact, if you so much as thought the word "tweet" the world would think you a twit. But Twitter exists, and that tweet exists, and that link exists; and if you clicked it as you should you would see that my agent most awesome Natalie Fischer has made an announcement. I want to tell you what it is. Awww, but I shouldn't. You should read it yourself. Oh, but I can't resist. When she reaches 1000 Twitter followers she will be open to e-mail queries. Go. Follow. The writing community will thank you!

And you better believe it.

  • Mario vs. Luigi
Yes, Mario is awesome. Luigi is awesomer. Luigi is taller, cuter, sweeter, doesn't put red and blue together, and actually wears my fave color green. By clothing choice alone, he exceeds the awesome of his brother. Also, his mustache seems less offensive. I suppose you think I'm silly. But honestly, compare!

  • The Snipping Tool.
Seriously, have you ever (EVER) seen something as awesome as this? From any webpage, computer location, or even your own darn wallpaper, you can snip a rectangle, free-form shape, or even the whole page and save it as a jpg. or other photo file. I tried it on Paint today, creating the awesome Star Man to show you the wonder.

For some reason, Star man doesn't appreciate the snipping tool on the computer (Windows). He's all like "Yo, why are you snipping me?"

Well, Star man, to show the readers how awesome it is.


Sources for photos can be found by actually clicking on photos. Nifty trick is awesome.