Giveaway winner and on being uncool.

Hello Creareans! First off, I need to tell you that I’m writing this post on Word 2007. It is the first time I’ve ever used it and, most likely, the last (isn’t, like, 2010 coming out soon? If I’m drastically incorrect, then maybe my previous statement should be ignored. Actually, ignore this altogether because not using 2007 until now is very uncool.

Anyway, that little bit of Race-is-so-uncool now written, I can move on to the purpose of this post.


Today is the day I finally got time away from work, reading, sleeping, outlining, and playing way too much Mario Rush Arena *cough* to gather all your chances together and tell you who won the awesome prize.

Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the 150 followers count that would mean a massive prize for the winner. Instead, said winner will have to content him/herself with a $50 Amazon gift card, a novel of their choosing, and some assorted reading pretties.
And I’m not going to waste anyone’s time but telling you how I got to the winner. *pulls piece of paper out of hat…er… bowl* I’ll just let you know who won. And if you didn’t win, chin up! More giveaways in the future!

So the winner is:


Awesome! Yay! Epic!

Send me an e-mail, twinsie, to racemer(at)yahoo(dot)com to claim your winnings and tell me what super awesome novel you want!
Thanks everyone for entering. To the new followers, I hope to remain interesting in the months to come. 