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You know those days when you are in a bad mood? The ones when you, say, get home from a long day to discover there is no dinner, the water heater is broken, and you can't even find your bed because your room is so dirty? Add in the rejection waiting in your inbox and you have... the ultimate "ugh" day.

I bet you do know about these days. I further bet that you've experienced a bad day like this, maybe even recently. You maybe suffered through them, thinking there was no hope or cure. But you were wrong! There is The Daily Squee!

cute baby animals - Piggy in Wellies
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The website, part of the Cheezburger Network (You know them best from the LOLCats, I imagine), is the place where I hang out when I want to be happy. To Squee. To go *smiley*. When summer vacation becomes too much to bear, I squee. When you need your little dose of squee go to

cute baby animals - Hiding and Giggling
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cute baby animals - Snuggles in the Cold
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Ps. Whoa, this posts sounds like I'll be getting a check in the mail soon. Or at least some advertising in return. Alas, no such luck. In my depression I'll go squee.