Dude you need to update your blog. And not with a bunch of lolcats either. They are a total cop-out and everyone in the blogosphere knows it.


Post some advice. Like: "don't eat Coke caps, they have codes on them. The NSA takes them from your garbage and uses them to decode the text messages from alien life-forms. Also, you could choke." Or perhaps something more writing related.

Post snippets of your work. This will interest your faithful following. Of course there is a fear that writing thieves will steal your work. Never fear. They may steal the idea but look at the bright side... they will be too busy stuck in character development, plot swamps, and revisions to be much real trouble for another few months.

Post book reviews. Praising others makes people think you are self-confident. As an added bonus, it will prove that you don't just read Lolcats and are starting to talk lik dem an fink lik dem...

Darn Lolcats popping up all over the place.

Anyway, the point is to post. Post so people know you are still alive and have not forgotten the fact.

Iz on ur computer
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PS. Don't ignore this advice just because I only had one post in April. My mom doesn't blog at all so there.