New - Massive - Giveaway

Hello all. I recently tweeted that when Creare reached 100 followers I'd have a huge giveaway. Since then, thanks to my dear friend Chan, this has been revised. In a good way -

I'll have the giveaway now.

This giveaway is slightly different than my last one, though. This one is shaped a little less like a single book and a little more like stacks of books building up to look like stairs. The winnings depend on followers, how often you tweet, blog, or mention me almost ANYWHERE, and the contest doesn't cut off until I've reached $150 worth of goods.

The rules:

You must be a follower to be eligible.

Comment on this post. That is all you have to do to enter (it is worth 1 initial point). To increase your chances, follow the guidelines below:

+2 Old follower
+1 New follower
+1 point: Tweet about this contest and post a link in the comments. No more than 2 tweets per day.
+3 points: Blog about the contest, Creare, or my novel The Virginity Thief. Post link in comments here.
+2 points: Mention this contest anywhere else that gets traffic from writing-or-giveaway-related friends/relatives/perfect strangers (ie: your facebook, myspace, or vlog account on youtube, blog sidebar, or anything similar. Message board posts aren't applicable, unless it is a whole thread, then it is worth +3). As always, post the link in the comments here. Don't spam your friends for points, please.

You are responsible for updating in the comments how many points you have.

How to build the stairs:
Followers. Followers. Followers. The first prize is available now and other prizes will be "stacked" (added) in the manner listed below:

Now: $30 Amazon gift card
At 100 Followers: $50 Amazon gift card, Reading related paraphernalia (bookmarks, etc).
At 115 Followers: $50 Amazon gift card, Reading related paraphernalia, Novel of your choosing.
At 130 Followers: $50 Amazon gift card, Reading related paraphernalia, 2 novels of your choosing
At 150 Followers: $50 Amazon gift card, Reading related paraphernalia, 3 novels of your choosing.

Novels must be YA fiction and include single novels only (hardcover or paperback). Series do not count as one book, though you can ask for a single book within a series.

Even if you already follow me and have the first post in this contest, you are still eligible to win at the 150 Follower level if Creare reaches that point. (of course at that point you might want to increase your chances by tweeting or blogging some more).

1 final rule. At no time are you allowed to tell my mother I'm giving all this away. If you do, you will be stricken from the contest and hunted down by the space Nazis.

You have 3 weeks until this contest ends! Get tweeting, blogging, all that jazz.