Getting in the Zone

The Zone is the epicly awesome writersphere that I descend into when it is time to snatch a sneaky SNI from its hiding place in the writer's lobe of my brain and make it type itself out on my lovely compy.

What? You didn't know that's how I write? Well, sorry but that's how its done, peeps.

Sometimes getting into the zone is hard. Very difficult moments require music, lolcats, a movie that makes me cry, laugh, or stay on the edge of my seat (and of course makes me go "Why didn't I write that?!"). Moderately difficult moments require music and something - short story, a friend's tweet, a few lines from my current read - to inspire me. Just plain old difficult moments of zone-getting-into? They just require some music.

If you notice, every difficulty level results in the need for at least music.

When writing The Virginity Thief, I relied mainly on whatever was popular and on the radio. Or I'd think "Oh man what was that song on the TV called..." and go searching on Youtube or maybe download it. My amazing friend Fi of was the one who found me a song that fit VT's main character perfectly and could easily be the story's theme song - not me.

But now that my latest round of revisions have been sent off to agent most awesome (find her on Twitter! @Natalie_Fischer ) I'm diving into I Get You and this time I'm determined to get it right. This baby is going to have a playlist that will rock the socks off of me whenever I sit down to pound out some words.

So begins the search for the playlist. Expect updates soon.