A Day in the Life of a Writer Named Rachel (up until now)

A day in the life of a writer named Rachel - as told through LOLCats:


Begin edits. Or at least try.


The manuscript begs to be cleaned up and sent back to agent-most-awesome.


And that is basically it.

Sad, isn't it?

But wait! Take a look at the title of this post. There is an added note there that is important. How about scrolling up to take another look? Read it carefully. Actually; heck with that. I'll just copy it here: (up until now).

What does this tell us about The Virginity Thief? "Up", in meaning, usually refers to a vertical ascent or some such thing, such as a place flying vertically up into the sky. "Until" is a word that refuses to be defined on this blog by its very difficultness to be defined by Race while she is full of candy and too lazy to think of a definition for it. "Now" means... well, now. Instantaneous. So what could the instant vertical ascent of something undefinable possibly have to do with editing?

Well, I don't actually have the answer for you. I do have news though.

This Round of Edits is DONE. Yup yup, sent to agent-most-awesome with hopes it made the novel a million times better and will make future work on VT less troublesome.


And now that I've spit out my news I'll return to my coursework.

Race out.