The Virginity Thief ~ Update

Editing notes are back in on The Virginity Thief, and I'm ready to dive in and rip this baby to shreds.

Actually, lets take that back a bit and be more realistic. I'm read to dive in, yes. But not so ready to rip it apart. I think VT is promising as it is. It just needs some tweaks.

I don't know about any of you, but I love editing. I get excited when the little e-mail alert goes off and I see Natalie's name, and I know her notes have arrived and I can get back to work. I haven't been writing much in between revisions. This is due to some coursework and life getting in the way, but when those e-mails come in I know it is time to make time, to let myself get back into writing at nights and do what I love.

So I guess I should stop rambling and just tell you all I'm excited. The life of a writer has its challenges but when you get to do what you really love and bring a story to life on the page, you realize the great many rewards too.