Those little places where inspiration taps you on the shoulder...

Today I had a doctor's appointment. Now, I don't know about you, but when I go to the doctor I like to par-tay. I know. It is odd. Hardly something to party about. But having a doctor's appointment involves a couple of things:

1) I have the car

2) I am out in civilization

3) Also known as Item 2.b (a continuation of item 2. Namely, an explanation of what this Civilization can contain). Civilization has several establishments formed for the express purpose of stuffing folks like me with a variety of edible joys.

So once the annoyance of a doctor's appointment is over, those 3 items combine to form a Race-is-par-tay-ing-now day.

I think my doctor's appointments should be considered national holidays.

Hmm... but then maybe my doctor would have off?

A conundrum if ever there was one.

Anyway, back to the point of this post. After my appointment was concluded and I was able to practice my mad driving skills attempting to get out of the drive, I went and ordered a steak. No potato, but extra veggies. No croutons on the salad, please, I can't have wheat. Also, no dressing.

Eating alone isn't something I thought I'd enjoy, though. I'd never once been in a restaurant by myself. Today, however, I was. So I brought along The Virginity Thief and my fabulous agent Natalie Fischer's editing notes. I started a new scene while I started my delish salad, and the words flowed. Something about being in that restaurant helped my writing like silence never could. Even music has never produced the kind of writing the chattering of children and their mothers, the sound of deep male voices from the cute guys over to the left... *cough*... and the waitresses rushing to and fro had produced.

I guess in the end one could say I wasn't eating alone. Writing my book completely swept me away from the possibility of feeling lonely and uncomfortable. The words brought my MC Mari Abdo to life right there at my table, and I was surrounded by my characters and the world I'd made for them.

This is definitely something I'll be doing again. Hopefully before my next doctor's appointment.
Now tell me about you. Have you recently tried a new writing "venue"?