Teaser Tuesday ~ I Get You

Teaser from I Get You!

Predictable day.

Except the sound of sobbing coming from one of the bathroom stalls wasn’t normal.

I didn’t know what to do. Knock softly and ask what was wrong? Ignore her and move on? That sounded awfully mean. I wasn’t used to being mean, even though Erin had her moments and I was considered mean by association more times than I’d like. Maybe I could pass some tissues underneath the door? But that was silly. There was enough paper for anyone inside the stall. I capped my lipstick and leaned against the sink, worrying.

She had to know I was there. She had to sense my breathing and the shuffling of my feet. I shuffled some more and gave a little cough, but the sobs muted the sound.

Erin breezed in just as I was giving it another try. She slapped the books down on mine and got out her mascara. I watched her apply it, waiting for her to hear the sobbing, to comment on it.

“Okay, I’m ready to go.”



“Don’t you hear that?” I gestured to the stall. Underneath the door, I could see a small bit of shoe, a big clunky shoe that was half runner’s sneaker, half men’s dress shoe. Shit. I knew just who belonged with those shoes.

“Just leave it, Addy.”

I didn’t want to leave it, but Erin would never want me to associate with clunky shoe girl. She was at the banned table in the cafeteria, the table only geeks who had no friends sat at. The comforted each other over their hot lunches, with their customary silence, there in the far corner so far away from Erin’s table that they were practically in another room. Forget Erin, it would be school suicide to be linked to her.

I slowly followed Erin to the door, but didn’t manage to get to it before it swung shut behind her. It was just me and the crying girl, Colleen something or other, in the bathrooms again. I fingered the handle on the door, but then reverted to my childish habit of twirling one of my curls. Her wailing was painful to hear. Every other second she’d take a huge deep breath, and the sound was so loud I got this weird image in my head of her sucking up all the oxygen in the room.

I walked back towards the stall and hesitated in front of it. I reached up to knock.

The door opened, and Erin poked her head in. I drew my hand back just in time.

“Come on, Addy.”

“I’m coming.”

It was good that I Erin had stopped me and I hadn’t knocked. It was all for the best. At least, that was what I could tell myself as I carried the books to our lockers on the way to the cafeteria.