Valentine's Day

To post or not to post… a Valentine’s Day blog post seems like a necessary item on the to-do list of a romance writer. The evil to-do list of mine is long enough as it is, though, so I thought instead of putting this on there I’d just jump in and blog. Of course, I’m jumping in late in the day, and apparently I’m not really jumping into a romance post at all if the first paragraph is more about to-do lists than flowers or chocolate. Blog fail?

Well, to keep you interested, here you go (a smidge of chocolate):

Now, there are two items within this item-not-on-a-to-do-list. The first, the fab blog award I’ve been given by Elusive (she is awesome) and secondly, a romance snippet from Virginity Thief – just a taste of the romantic tension I’ve been working on.


If you spell it out, it means I’m awarding this because I Love You Cause You’re Awesome And You Blog. Read Elusive’s fab post on the award here.

Now the five people I would like to award this to are as follows:

  1. Fiona Campbell! She is an awesome friend who is always there for me, and I only wish I could be as fantastic as she is.

  1. Bee! Internet Twinsy of Awesome who is helping me keep Random Musings on AW alive.

  1. Chanelley! Because she is a fab friend and has an awesome blog post up on the hardest scenes to write and she manages to make the rest of her blog be just as awesome.

  1. Stephanie! For being an awesome secret-keeper and having a blog layout I’m in love with. You go, girl!

  1. Vero! Because she’s a stay at home mom of two little girl’s who somehow manages to write. I don’t know how she does it, since I have no life and I’m not nearly as awesome as she is.

Now, go forth and multiply the love, peeps. The rules are: if you receive this award, you must award it to 5 more people. Happy V-day.

And now for a snippet from VT, to be cut tomorrow, so read it quick.

*snippety snip*

What? You want more? Sorry, but I’m a tease.

Happy Saint Valentine’s Day!