Teaser Tuesday

It is time for a teaser from my new WiP, I Get You.

It all started with the creepy IMs, or so she told me. We were sitting over pizza and Coke, joking around like usual, and she just let it slip.

“I have a weird stalker guy.”

I nearly choked on my pepperoni. “What?”

“I have a stalker. He’s been sending these IMs to me at, like, three in the morning.”

I thought at first that she was being dramatic. Erin was like that. She liked to be in the limelight, to have all eyes on her. It was the reason she tried out in theater class and made sure she got lead role. She liked to put herself out there at every opportunity.

I pulled a pepperoni off my second slice and popped it into my mouth. The pizza was only half pepperoni. The other half was plain cheese. Erin thought pepperoni was “disgusting.” I thought she was crazy, but I knew I could never say it. I was lucky to get my half of the pie.

“What does he say?”

“You should read them. They are all about my eyes and hair and how good he thinks my body looks.”


“Totally. And he seems to think I feel the same about him. He keeps talking about when we’ll shake the dust of this town from our feet and run away into the sunrise together.”

It was hard to keep myself from choking, again. “Seriously?” That didn’t sound real to me.

“I’m telling you. He’s weird.”