Giveaway Results

It is February 2nd and I'm sure you are all thinking "Race forgot her giveaway." But I didn't! Well, I did... just until now though. Thankfully I painted my floor recently, so when I was putting my bookshelves back into place I was able to see 2 copies of The Secret Year and think "Oh! My giveaway!"

But anyways, on to the results. Who gets a free copy of a secret year?

*shakes box of entries*

(And, seriously, I'm doing this right now).

*Opens box*

*reaches in*

And the Oscar *cough* copy goes to:


This was after Absent took full advantage of the giveaway rules and had a whopping 14 entries. That is about 5 more than the highest anyone else went.

Working hard pays off peeps! Remember that on March 1st when I have my birthday giveaway (ooh, what will it be?).

Now, Absent has told me she'd like to give the prize away if she won. So:


e-mail me at racemer(@)yahoo(.)com with your address so I can send it off!

Thanks for taking part guys!