Teaser Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, everyone. The joy of having a new WiP is that I now have something to post for Teaser Tuesday! Enjoy this snippet from “I Get You.”

The guy was creeping her out. My friend, Addy, was acting as if I would be murdered tomorrow if I walked into just one more store where he was mysteriously looking for new sneakers, or a new shirt, or new ball cap. I told her it was nothing. It was a small town, so it made sense that we’d end up being in the same store at the same time on at least a few occasions, but Addy was seriously freaking out.

“Okay, so you mean he is always there?”

“No, not always.” We were at Addy’s house, having what our parents still called a “sleepover party” in that high voice ordinary people use when baby-talking to puppies. Addy was in sleep wear already, the usual two-piece pyjama set she’d gotten for Christmas last year. It had this pattern of balls of yarn and knitting needles all over it. Her parents still thought she was into crafts, even though she had dropped it all at age ten.

“But he usually is.”

“Why does it matter?”

“Why does it matter? Erin, you have a stalker!”