Recent Read ~ Top 8

Race's Recent Read: Top 8 by Katie Finn.

Madison McDonald is “seriously freaking out.” And she has pretty darn good reason to be. While on a vacation with her family, her Friendverse (think Facebook) account was hacked, and now her relationships with acquaintances, friends, and even her boyfriend have taken a seriously bad turn. The hacker had even broken up with her boyfriend in her name! Even after her explanation of the hacking, things are far from good for her at school. But what her friends and acquaintances can dish out is nothing compared to her boyfriend, Justin’s, reaction. He decides to continue seeing his new girlfriend, despite finding out that Madison hadn’t actually broken up with him through Friendverse posts. Madison is seriously freaking out over her own friendships and love life as well as that of her friends, whose most private secrets have been submitted for the world to see online.

With so much to lose, Madison becomes determined to find the hacker. She adds suspects to her list, with complications arising at every turn. For one, one of her suspects has a thing starting with one of her best friends. And her BFF is acting strange. For another, there is a cute new guy in her life named Nate Ellis and from the look of his Friendverse page they have some things in common. Maybe Justin isn’t the right guy for her? Romantic drive-in movies and memories give Madison a change of direction, which is good for her now that she needs all the support she can get, especially after she figures out exactly who hacked her account.

Top 8 is really a fantastic read, particularly for me, who only months ago got introduces to the complex word of social networking through fb. It isn’t a read for those of you who are hyped up on vampires or other dark creatures of the night, but any reader of contemporary young adult romance should definitely give Top 8 a try!

Quick Review Question:

Race’s fave scene.

I had to love the drive-in movie scene, but I still think my favorite is a scene with Kittson, Justin’s new girlfriend. Madison and Kittson end up having quite the amicable relationship and in this particular scene, Kittson is giving Madison a rushed makeover in order to attract that perfect guy… ending with an awesome line: “Now go flirt with him.”

Will do, Miss Kittson Pearson.


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All quotes and references from "Top 8" by Katie Finn, Point/Scholastic Inc.