Race's number one word of the day: procrastination. These past 3 days have been nothing but. I have yet to submit my tutee's progress reports to the college. I have yet to read through VT. I have yet to write those 2 extra scenes that need to be in there. I have basically been sitting back all weekend, waiting for other things to happen all around me (like, dinner magically appearing in my bedroom...).

Bad Race! *slaps hands*

One thing I did not procrastinate is the TWFT blog post I had due for yesterday. You can read it here. Also, tomorrow I have another scheduled post for TWFT... an Agent Interview!!! This was an interview I did with the help of Karla Calalang, and you better check it out! I'll try to post it early. ;)

And while you are here, mosey on down to check out my book giveaway!