On New WiPs, Characters, Naughty Links, and VT Revisions!

New WiPs, Characters, Naughty Links, and VT Revisions.

Obviously, this past week has been a busy one for me, if the above sentence (is it really a sentence? There is no verb...) is any indication. We'll start with number 1: New WiPs.

Whoop! I have a new work in progress. Another contemporary romance with some comedy thrown in because that's just how I am. :) Working Title - I Get You. I'm excited about this work, though I'm a little concerned about it too. It is definitely "different" and there is this fear I won't be able to pull it off. But the excitement overcomes the concern and I hope it will go well. I wrote the first 50 words last night. Only 1000 times that much left to go.

The main characters are as follows. I've included links to models on newfaces.com that look similar to how I imagine them in my head.

MC 1: Erin McCullough (Link). Yes, there are two MCs in the first person WiP. This is the dark-haired one. ;)

MC 2: Adele "Addy" Greene (Link). This is the lighter haired one. (Also looks more Irish than the Irish one).

Love Interest: Rafael Carter (Link). Oooh, 2 MCs but only 1 love interest. Drama! (You have no idea...)

Now, if I were you, I'd hesitate before clicking those links. Mainly because on AbsoluteWrite the other night I had a scandalous link posted in 2 different threads. Of course, I didn't mean to post it. It was the gnomes. But since I didn't notice anything wrong with it and I don't notice anything wrong with the above links, I'd be careful. You can never be too safe.

And, that brings me to the last item from this week. VT revisions. If you check the box on the right you'll see I'm in the querying stage for VT. But early in the week I was still in revisions (and, if I was going to be honest I'd tell you there are still betas out there reading). I definitely feel VT is the best book I've written so far, and the changes I've made through revisions definitely show I've left that writerly phase of "it is perfect and I'm not changing it" and matured to "I'm cutting 4000 words here, 500 there." And, indeed, I cut about 4500 words from VT earlier in the week. The novel is much better, if a bit shorter.

So that was my week. Before you leave, check out my book giveaway (the 11th's post). It only lasts until the 30th so enter quick!