A Novel Idea

Welcome to.... *cue music*.... A Novel Idea. No, not the book entitled "A Novel Idea" (I read that!) but Creare's version; in which Race basically brain-vomits plot bunnies onto a Blogger post. These are meant for inspiration only, and I won't be writing these. :)

Depression. It stinks. It's.... depressing.
But in a world that is starting to view depressed people as victims and treats them with such high regard?
Depression = the perfect way to get-out-of-school-work/eat-chocolate-all-day/have-your-mother-coddle-you/get-to-talk-about-yourself-all-day/and-basically-be-the-most-popular-girl-in-the-world.

Welcome to the new world, where everyone makes time for you because you're "depressed." Everyone wants to know how you feel. Some of them want to know because they actually care. Some want to know because they are waiting for you to off yourself. But they still want to know.
Yeah, its twisted, for for *MC* it is the only way to make it through High school.

Until it takes the limelight away from the people who need it and her best friend actually does off herself.

Whoa... okay that last part just hit me and I kind of just typed it. But I think this little idea could work for someone!

(Tell me now, has this been done before? Is it, like, the latest best seller. I knew I got the idea from somewhere...).