My Week

Whoa what a week. What a roller coaster of a week. It starts off with all these dreams, and you partially reach them and partially don't.
But then this week also wasn't nearly dramatic enough to warrant such a sentence. Instead I'll tell you in nice little sentences.

Monday: Woke up with that lovely "New Week, Fresh Start" feeling. Proceeded to ruin said feeling by not exercising. Sent queries.

Tuesday: Edited. Sent queries.

Wednesday: Painted the first half of my bedroom floor a nice red color. Edited. Did schoolwork. Sent queries.

Thursday: A unsuccessful meeting, a nap, and little else other than... more queries.

Friday (Today!): Painted the second half of my floor, first coat. Did not send queries but took part in Caren Johnson Literary Agency's forum "pitchfest" and watched and waited for the results.

This evening: Finishing the 3rd season of 24.

Predictions for tomorrow: Church, grocery shopping, pharmacy run, finishing up a whole bunch of schoolwork. Saturdays are always my busiest days.

Predictions for Sunday: editing VT a bit and send off a full. Read "Bleeding Violet" (pictured below) by the incredible Dia Reeves. I'm loving this book and wish I could fit reading time in to tomorrow. :(

To all of Creare's readers - I hope you had a great week. This is Race, signing out.

ps. click on photo to find the Goodreads page for Bleeding Violet