Book Giveaway!

So I happen to have two copies of The Secret Year coming at me through the mail. This was a conundrum to me. What am I to do with two copies of the same book, after all? It would look odd to put them on the shelf right next to each other. What if some stranger walked into my room and took a look at my shelf. He/she might think one was better than the other, which just isn't so. I could donate to the library, of course. The library (especially the PA libraries where funding always seems to be being cut) could really use some new books...

But, there are also my reading and writing friends who could also seriously use some new books.

And for that reason (and also because I happen to love these) I give to you Creare's very first of hopefully many book giveaways.

What you can win:
1 hardcover copy of The Secret Year by Jennifer R. Hubbard.

How to enter:

We'll be using a point system often used in blog giveaways. There are certain actions you can take to be given higher points. In the end each point is a chance to win. The actions are:

Comment on this post (Necessary): 1 point

Follow Creare: +4 (if you are a new follower or old)

Blog about this contest (just a brief comment will do): +2

Tweet about this contest: +1

Only 1 point will be counted for your comments. So if you comment, say, ten times I will still only count 1. You can, however, blog or tweet about the contest however many times you want and keep racking up the points.

You have until January 30 to get as many points as you can. I'll be announcing the winner January 31.

Open internationally as well as in the US.

Notes: Make sure you keep me up to date on what actions you've taken, including links where applicable - to prove you tweeted or blogged, in the comments section. Also, in each successive comment, make sure to calculate your own total.

Good luck!