And we all go crazy again...

Ah, yes. The crazy is back. But you can't blame just me this time around. As apparent from our IM conversations (see below), Kristin of Socially Acceptable Schizophrenia is pretty crazy too. Ah, such is the life of a writer driven bonkers by revisions:

Race: Apparently, if my past IM messages are any proof, I can't type.

Kristin: LOL. I didn't see anything wrong with them...

Race: gerouq 4tq3046t bjw q?

Kristin: slie25521$ladf ak25loo.

Race: aeotjgha. wot9a ne409awejrj aoeh l

Kristin: 1dkfaw wrtshlwe ooietha *head/desk*

Race: I like this plan. When shall we begin?

Kristin: IMMEDIATELY. Our plot to take over the world cannot wait.

Race: I, however, really don't believe ferrets should be involved.

Kristin: Aww. But they're so cute and fuzzy on the outside, so dastardly wicked on the inside.

Race: But how do we transport them???

Kristin: Rocketships. We'll build them using parts from my Oldsmobile.

Race: Do we have the necessary tools?

Kristin: Of course. I am always prepared for world domination by ferret.

Race: Very good. We must then decide which of us will be in control once we've won this battle.

Kristin: I vote you. I hate responsibility.

Race: I hate it too. So I vote you.

Kristin: How about we let the ferrets rule?

Race: Brilliant!

Kristin: (I'm kind of afraid of how far this conversation has gone lol.)

Race: (me too. I am, after all, the one who went immediately to ferret. there is something wrong with that.)

And may he go down in history: the ferret born of writerly craziness: