And so it begins...

As I type this the Philadelphia Flyers/Boston Bruins hockey games is on the television and the fantastic music from the Drop Kick Murphy plays as the cutest guys in sports skate across the ice. You gotta love hockey. So far, the Flyers are winning, too. 1/0. Go PA!

But that music, Drop Kick Murphy's music that is, is really what you want to experience at the start of a new year and a new decade. Tell me I'm right! I dare anyone to try and not like Drop Kick Murphy.However, right now I really want to look backwards at this season. I'm hoping everyone had a fabulous Christmas Season. Kristin Otts of Socially Acceptable Schizophrenia did an awesome post on Christmas gifts (go check it out!)and I thought I'd act on her example and talk about the gifts I'm so thankful for this year!


These came from my friend Fi, all the way from Scotland. I don't know what possessed her to send me books all that way but I love her dearly for it and I love these books! Admittedly, I've only read the first few pages of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies but they were hilarious and I can't wait to kick back with some coffee and cookies and just read.

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My village:

For years I've wanted to start a Christmas tradition of, well, the traditional Christmas Village. You know, the little houses that light up, along with the village citizens in various pursuits over the quilt-batting snow? Every year, something seemed to get in the way of starting my tradition. But this year was different. I bought a stone cabin from St. Nicholas Square's Village Collection through Kohls, and my mother went ahead and added to that collection come Christmas with a church and carolers and a large lighted tree and lamp posts that actually light! You can see some of my village (as Henry the Hippo attacks it) one post down... and that reminds me. Vote for Henry's middle name! You can do that in the poll to the right.

My third favorite pastime (after reading and writing) is Puzzles:

A Yankee Candle "Balsam and Cedar" scented puzzle. Wow, thank you again Mom! You are so awesome! Not only did I not expect this scented treat, but I didn't expect you to dedicate so much of your time helping me out with it.
Our plans are to put it in the attic until next Christmas, when we can put it together again.

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Sea-monkeys!Okay, I call it... the most awesome stocking stuffer ever.
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And from my bros:

Earrings! So gorgeous. Gold... shiny!Photo Link

And... Equate! The Scrabble for math geeks. I love it so much!

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So, tell Kristin and me more... what did you get for Christmas?


Ps. The Bruins won. Bah.