Where has Race been and why is there no cookie post?

I know what you've all been thinking. "That Race, she forgot Random Day again. Even when we were nice and let her have one a month instead of one a week." But in reality, I did not forget!

So, what actually went wrong this time?

(*pauses post as a guy is shot on NCIS: Los Angeles* Awesome show. Anyways...)

Race has been super busy with two major things. Listed below:

1) Finishing VT edits by Christmas so she can bother betas during the holiday when they have vacation and want nothing more than to be my slaves.

2) Finishing my current semester of college and apply to a new college.

It is the 2nd one that has sucked the life out of me. Not only am I dealing with a really ridiculous course but I've been researching colleges and touring a couple in order to pick one out.

That said, I have news. I believe I've found my dream college. Penn State Erie/The Behrend

Only 4 hours from home on the easiest route imaginable (I swear, take 17 West - eventually I-86 West, and keep driving until you see the Behrend exit. That's, like, it. To get home you go the opposite direction - East- on the same highway).

Small campus. 5000 students with a 1/16 professor/student ratio.

Short drive to Lake Erie

Awesome Applied Math program that actually makes me feel they know what it is and aren't just throwing random course titles at me.

Everyone (be they freshman or senior) is allowed a car. At the same time, there is a bus system that runs right through the college in case you aren't up to city traffic.

Tutoring jobs that actually pay!

Free newspapers for students: USA Today, Erie Times (I think that's what it is called, lol), New York Times.

Movie-theater experience for students at $1 per film.

And, of course, it is a Penn State school. So it is awesome for its very existence.


If I can't get an apartment, and I'm forced into either Honors housing or regular old dorm life (oh the horror!) I'd have to buy a meal plan as well and unfortunately they serve quite a bit of pizza, burgers... and numerous other things I can't touch. Wasted Money, you ask? Wasted Money, I say.

Yeah, that's it for Cons.

Now: Stolen from Google Images and its lovely unwilling contributors (including, but not limited to, stateuniversity.com):