The Adventures of Henry the Hippo

Well, I had a doctor's appointment today. It went okay, I didn't die of fright (though I came close enough!) and I came out with some samples he wants me to try.

*cough* What was that? Back up a bit.

... came out with some samples he wants me to try...


I don't know but this seems an awful lot like a I've fallen into guinea pig-ism. Oh well, we'll trust the doc.

In other animal news, I found the cutest little stuffed Christmas Hippo on one of our shopping stops on the way home. I've chosen to name him Henry the Hippo, but I feel he needs a middle name. "Happy" comes to mind but I feel Henry the Happy Hippo is just... predictable. And he has a mean streak as you will soon see.

So the choices of names:

Henry the Happy Hippo
Henry the Harmful Hippo
Henry the Hopeless Hippo
Henry the Hapless Hippo
Henry the Hazardous Hippo.

You choose! Just take your pick in the poll to the right ---> (yes, yes, come this way) --->

And some pictures of Henry's adventures so far:

His cuteness. And do you see the corner of the awesome sweater I was given for Christmas?

Henry climbed the Christmas tree as soon as he got loose. I could sense his pain but was too angry at him to tell him the water is at the bottom of the tree in the tree stand. Silly Hippo.

And, finally, in a fit of rage, he attacked my Christmas village. The people were so afraid they made the choir sing hymns to pray for deliverance and the priest ushered the citizens into the chapel to pray.

Also, for some curious reason, this song has been playing since he arrived in the house: