What Has Race Been Up To?

Today is Friday, day before Random Day. I have a big note to myself on my bedroom door. It says "Random Day" and will hopefully remind me to post a post tomorrow. :D My mind is mush, yessir, and I have resorted to notes and lists. I'm just thankful I have not become as bad as Uncle Billy:

Doesn't that picture just scream "Christmas!"

Even if it is one of the most stressful moments of the whole film.

Anyways, there was a point to this post... what was it? Darn... I can't remember... Bah Humbug (oops, wrong film).

Oh, yes, it is Friday!

And I will now attempt to summarize my life this past week in a few sentences:

Saturday: Friends came over to tells us about their lovely new home in the lovely new state they are moving too (Exciting!). We all went out to lunch (salmon!) and then shopping. It was one of those lovely fall days, weather was gorgeous and completely inspiring. Sadly, too busy to write. :(

Sunday: Church. Movies. West Wing (I'm telling you, West Wing is a great show. A favorite, fo sho. But it gets a little weird when you're Republican).

Monday: At the last minute, I devised a brilliant essay plan for the History of Mathematics course. John Nash. Equilibrium. The Cold War. Mix all three together and you have... Race's Brilliant Essay Plan.

Tuesday: Now we finally get into some writing. Yes, writing, the stuff I should have been talking about in those above blurbs on Sat, Sun, and Mon. But sadly, Tuesday was the first day I wrote. Possibly because that is the day Karla and I decided to keep each other accountable on words count goals. I wrote a beautiful scene in VT that the WIP really needed, officially improving on the first draft.

Wednesday: Hump Day. Get through day. I don't know exactly why Wednesdays depress me, because it is also pizzzzzzza daaaaaaay.

Thursday: More writing! Brilliance! And editing! WHOOP!

Friday: Today. No writing yet. :( I fail. :( No, wait! I still have 7 hours and 15 minutes left until Saturday! I will prevail!

Yes, that was the short version. I talk too much, I find.