Random Day!




'Tis Random Day!

And today we shall talk about... singing! But since I've forgotten/beenforcednottoparticipatein the last few random days, I shall add a second topic for the post today. Gnomes. Of the cute garden variety. In fact, singing sadly gets just a small mention, near the bottom. And a shoutout to Wikipedia... Wikipedia calls singing the "act of producing musical sounds with the voice." They then have to point out that it is different than talking regularly, because we did not know that already. Wikipedia never fails to amuse me.

Anyone who has seen my interview with Amna (linky to interview here) knows I was fearful of the garden gnomes. There are pictures of them doing the scariest things. And take a look at this photo, of one of them running away from the crime scene (I assume):

(Amazing what Google can bring up... just know I don't own that pic).

And at this point, I have little more to say about the scariness of garden gnomes than what the good people of Megatokyo Forums have not already said. A discussion of scary garden gnomes such as this ought to be resurrected: resurrect, people (hehehe)!

But read above to where I spoke of my interview with Amna. You see a telltale word "was" up there. Was, but not am? Am I not still fearful? The answer, not as much. And I will show you why, in a way that mentions singing again. Yep, you guessed it (probably when reading the first paragraph). I give you:

The singing garden gnome:

And so you see why I am starting to lean towards the cuteness of the garden gnome... they are cute. And this one sings. About fertilizer. And soil. How cuter could you get?