Quiz Results!

Hey all! I have the results from the last post's quiz here.

No one passed the quiz.

But 3 people won shout outs by being brave enough to comment anyway. :D I will find ingenious places to post said shout outs over the next few weeks.

Now, I know it is Teaser Tuesday but since I'm currently hating my WIP I'm not posting anything. :D

Furthermore, I've been talking to AbsentNormality and she has told me the following is a good idea. If you have problems with it, blame her (Just kidding... I persuaded her it was a good idea).

What idea is it? You ask. Well, I've made Random Day a monthly event rather than weekly, as I don't usually manage to get here every Saturday anyways. You may actually get Random Days on schedule with this new plan. :) So from now on the first Saturday of each month shall be Random Day.

Anyways, about the quiz.

The picture is of...


Google him. That's an order.