Race is a Busy Bee.... BUZZZZZZ

Hello lovely readers of Creare. Since my last exciting post about VT, I have been working on editing. In doing so, I have been getting the "this really sucks" feeling way too much.

Perhaps querying must be pushed forward longer than I had expected.

That is slightly depressing of course. In happier news, I am immersed in my second year of college, and hopefully my last year at this particular college. This semester I'm taking 4 math courses: Calculus 2, History of Mathematics (yeah, it is actually considered a math course. Who knew?), Numerical Methods, and Ordinary Differential Equations. Just so you know, no one seems to understand why the word "Ordinary" was stuck to the beginning of that last course's title. I just know it is a new course at my college and not only is it my class's responsibility to, you know, pass the course, but also to be giving my college feedback on it.

I feel powerful.

Now, to stop rambling. Today is Thursday, September 17, 2009. I am giving myself another month to put VT in perfect condition... it may not need it, but I'm paranoid like that.

Also, another character profile will be showing up soon. Watch out for Adam's profile on Monday! And, of course, I will try to remember Random Day this week. :D