A few Questions for Mari Abdo.

Yesterday I came across some questions we writerly folks are supposed to ask our characters. I never thought these actually worked. But Mari Abdo is so much clearer to me now (Did you know she was a lefty? No? Neither did I!). I encourage all writers to check out this link. A few of those 100 questions are answered below.

First, the Elouai… whatever… avatar of Mari I made back when these were cool:

Mari jumped out at me screaming to let her answer these questions so I let her. Silly Mari. Race is a writer and she can do these things better. Remember that for next time.

What is your name and occupation?: Photini Marissa Abdo. Actress in the wings.

Can you give us a description?: Everyone says I’m gorgeous. They love my olive colored skin and large dark eyes. My hair is also a dark dark brown That’s what happens when you come from Lebanese descent. My height is 5’7”. My weight is 115. Yeah, I could lose a few pounds; shut up.

What is your earliest memory?: Christmas morning. I got princess shoes.

While growing up, did you have any role models?: Grace Kelly was one. She was great. She became a princess. Or a queen or something

Who has had the most influence on you?: A guy. I’ll leave it at that.

If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be, and why?: That guy, when I was ten. I can’t get him out of my head.

Are you basically optimistic or pessimistic?: My life is going to be incredible. I don’t know about yours.

What are your views on sex?: You only live so long. Why wait?

How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings?: People have no right to know my feelings. And I’m an actress, it is easy for me to hide the real stuff and pretend I feel something different.

Do you like interacting with large groups of people?: Sure I do. It is just like interacting with small groups of people, only you get more eyes on you.

And so ends Mari's moment of glory at Creare... unless she pushes her way in again. Watch out!