Computer Trouble

There is nothing worse that when your laptop starts acting up. For months now I've had trouble with my e-mail accounts. Either e-mails were not received or e-mails do not get sent. I have approximately 25 e-mails floating around in cyber space, some of them containing super secret chapters of VT.

(If you spot them, send them home).

Now, the internet in general isn't working. Loading AW, for one, seems to give the laptop more difficulty than Mount Everest would give a novice climber.

It surprises me that I was able to access Blogger today.

I feel the lappy has a virus.

A virus that is eating the lappy's insides like the parasite that was eating the eyeballs of the person on the Discovery Health Channel (have you seen that? Eek!).

So, I am going to have to force my brother to fix the laptop. I don't know what that entails, exactly. Perhaps he will strip the computer of every program. I should try sending all my VT documents to visit my mother's computer while he works....

I'll do that now.

Goodbye, oh wonderful readers of Creare. I have no idea when I'll have access to you again. :(