Where is Race?

Race is amongst the living again!

Sadly, however, this won't last long.

As a matter of fact, Race (let's face it, it is me) is going to glance at the clock any minute now. There is a large possibility (let's face it, a 100% chance) that I will find it is after 3 in the afternoon.

In which case I will have to leave Blogger and start writing one of my 3 final essays.

And mentioning those essays takes us back to the questions "Where is Race?" and "Where has Race been?"


Race is here, blogging.

(note: this is not Race.)

Race has been at this computer for days, but not doing fun wonderful things like blogging. I have been finishing my second semester of college.

Race has also been wondering... how is it possible that my first year of college is already over? How is it possible that I only have 3 more? I don't feel any different than when I was in high school and now that the first year is over I feel something amazing was supposed to happen and I missed it.

What I have missed (and this is a totally different use of the word "miss" you'll notice) is having time to myself. That translates into time for writing in Race-world and I have written 0 words this past week. However, I'm determined to finish my WIP in the two week vacation I have coming up before my 3 semester. Can I do it? Yes I can!

Before I ramble on - was there a point to this post? - I will say that it is 3:33 pm and ACK I need to start and essay. I will be back when I can and here is a pitch for my contest:

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