Names names names...

A Writer’s Life. It is so hard. Currently, it is the characters who are making things difficult.

Now, I gave my characters life. They are mine alone. You’d think I’d get them to behave. But they have been causing so many difficulties this time around you’d think they don’t like having their story written.

Today it is in the names. To understand the dilemma, you must understand the story. VT’s premise is simply this: Mari Abdo moves to a new town… and discovers that her new school has a male virginity club that she becomes determined to shut down in any way possible. In this club there are a very few select members who are closely followed in the book. And while they all have personalities, dreams, conflicts, and even physical features, they do not have NAMES.

Over the years I learned that names were the hardest thing in the world for me. And I’ve discovered it isn’t the best idea to borrow (*cough* steal *cough*) names from the peeps on AbsoluteWrite. I feel I may need to give them temporary names so I can get this next scene written.

So. As I write this post I’m Googling stuff. Anything. And the first male names I come across are going to be the names of the 4 major club members in the book.

The first name comes from the quick Google “man” (see how brilliant my searches are?). I suggest you all read the wikipedia page on “man” as it has a great deal of wonderful information… so wonderful it is often repeated throughout the article. And it is accompanied by the picture of a statue. The “classical image of youthful male beauty” *gag* (linky).

Then I Googled “cake.” (I will be expecting comments that compliment my brilliance, really). This led me to discover indie band Cake, who have a picture of a pig on their website. And the first name I read on said website?


Number 3! Since I ate all that cake, and I was getting thirsty, I Googled “water.” (Brilliant and healthy). First name on the page (which I didn’t really read):

Anderson. (this was a last name but is completely acceptable as a first name. Just ask Anderson what’s-his-last-name).

And with water a girl needs lemons. So I Google lemons and, since only boring things were popping up in the search, I clicked on “News.” Lemon news! What could be more fun? Well, Lemon Liqueur is fun.
And the first name you see on that page?


So, we have David, Jeff, Anderson, and Danny. Not bad. Maybe I’ll keep a couple of them.

See? Blogging fixes is everything.

I'm off to write!