Finding Peace in a Time of War.

Imagine trying to drive in that.

Now imagine trying to find time to write a novel when you are helping your mother with her importing business, in the midst of a job search, and - most importantly- taking 4 courses in college.

The feelings these situations evoke are somewhat similar, yes?

The past few days have been incredibly hectic here in Raceville. The semester is winding down with a host of final assignments and projects, labs, and discussion pieces. My mother has made some new friends who want to get involved with her business, and the job I want requires background checks the likes of which the CIA wouldn't ask of me. I have written 0 words. I repeat... 0 words. For someone who had promised herself 500 words a day while working to get a degree, 0 a day is a sad number. I seem stuck in chapter 3.

Today was a mad dash to get everything done. 4 math labs. 2 assignments. 1 essay. And then it was off to take my mother to her eye appointment and grab dinner for the brothers I didn't have time to cook for. This is the normal way of things now and I've grown used to doing stupid things like putting my car keys in the freezer. In fact, I just figured out where my sunglasses are... on my head... and its 10 pm.

So when is a girl to write?

It is the question that has been plaguing me. I've been telling myself a BS in Applied Mathematics and Information Systems/Technology is awfully stupid for a girl who wants to be a writer. Why not get the English degree or go into publishing? All this time spent on math labs could be... 500, 1000, 1500, 2000... words! But then I realized something.

A girl writes when she chooses to write.

My day was done at 9 pm. That was 12 straight hours of non-stop school or commotion. But at 9 pm I said "you have an hour before anyone in this house gets tired." I sat at the laptop. I opened Word. And I punched out my 500 words. In fact, I punched out 650.

Why not do this every night? Why not find the moment when all is quiet. It could be evening like today. It could be during the lunch hour. Or it could be early morning before anyone else is awake and before I check my school e-mail. Why not find the peaceful time in the hectic life and let the words flow? There is no reason not to.

Now that I've made the decision, I need to enforce it. It'll be hard to ignore the schoolwork and let myself breathe. But it can be done!